Kyle Rapps (feat. Adrienne Mack Davis)- “The Sky’s On Fire” (Prod. Belief)

Whether he’s doin’ it singlehandedly or collaborating with high caliber acts like Action Bronson or Murs, the New Jersey native and now Harlem resident Kyle Rapps has a knack for putting everything on the line in his rhymes. More awe inspiring than anything, “The Sky’s On Fire” reunites the Rapps … Continue reading

Uncle Ruckus and Tom (of The Boondocks) Interview / The All Out Show with Rude Jude and Lord Sear

Uncle Ruckus and Tom of The Boondocks visited The All Out Show to discuss the final season of the series, which premieres Monday, April 21st. Uncle Ruckus describes his feelings towards black people and Tom clears up some misconceptions about his life in this hilarious interview with Rude Jude and … Continue reading