Covering thousands of miles traveling to 14 cities in 14 consecutive nights, the 1414 Tour, created by Crown Royal Black and Jermaine Dupri, took Dupri’s Global 14 social network to the fans and gave a real life example of how to live “The Crown Life.” Cameras went behind the scenes, resulting in two short films that document the tour. Kicking off in Chicago and wrapping up in Miami, the tour wound through 19 states, bringing “The Crown Life” and Global 14 to the people.

The film is directed by PHiLLYK for Greenpoint Pictures.

“The Crown Life” is a multi-layered campaign created to mark and celebrate life’s crowning moments. On the heels of the launch of new variant, Crown Royal Black whisky, Crown Royal has gathered influential designers, filmmakers, hip-hop royalty, cultural influencers and nightlife superstars to help celebrate “The Crown Life” and express what it means to them.

Crown Royal encourages everyone to please enjoy responsibly.

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CROWN ROYAL BLACK Blended Canadian Whisky. 45% Alc/Vol. ©2012 The Crown Royal Company, Norwalk, CT.

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