Remember a lil’ ditty called “Welcome To Huggstown”? Well Lip Beats produced that and this brand new track from 6-Teens! This song is going to be featured on 6’s upcoming 2011 album Jackie Robinson and is only the tip of the iceberg according to what Monstalung told us. Turn it up!

6’6 240 – Runaround (Produced by Lip Beats) was onhand at DJ Monstalung’s release party for The Backyard Brawl Mixtape and caught amazing footage of a couple Soundvizion acts. First up was A Breezy and Willz P’s collaboration from her debut album The Spaceship Project, “Never Gonna Fall”. Videos with Phyr Squad and Ace Beanz will be debuting here later this week!

You can listen to studio recording HERE.

This special Black Friday Party Drop! is brought to you from Thack N Thrilla! Over a Shon Thrilla beat, “TnT” talk their fly shit to anyone who will listen. Featuring yet another ridiculously catchy Thack hook, the duo has yet another winner in the chamber!

The Thack N Thrilla Show – So Don’t Know

Another edition of Monstrous Mondays took place over at Live From The Dub and Monstalung sent over a brand new 6’6 track called “I Know”! 6 displays his talents over a an uptempo jam that bring back fond memories of warm weather. Get it!

6’6 240 – I Know

Today’s Party Drop! comes from the head of the Soundvizion machine, the Trailer Park Hustler himself, 6’6 240! Not sure if this is a new or old recording but 6 delivers some vicious rhymes over some top notch production! Remember, 6’6 has a new album on the way!

6’6 240 – Time

Today’s Throwback Thursday entry comes from 2006 and 6’6 240’s The Hillz Have Eyes mixtape! While 6’6 and Big Chief were living in Atlanta, the remaining members of Soundvizion linked up for a few group songs. “Diamonds” is one of the first songs they recorded and the joint is pure silk!

Tynisha, Jathara, Ace Beanz & Johnny Harmonic – Diamonds

Fresh off his second place finish at 123 Pleasant Street’s “$200 To The Best Performance” competition, Cam just sent us this new single off of his upcoming Out of My Element EP! “Feel What I’m Sayin'” is an uptempo, smoothed out jam that will definitely invoke some kind of emotion, so let yourself go!

Cam Wilson – Feel What I’m Sayin’

The first Party Drop! of the week comes from Thack N Thrilla’s vaults! This one is called “Nighty Night” and features Soundvizion’s go-to hook man Willz P! Thack, Thrilla, and Willz break it down for the ladies one time and this one is a heater!

The Thack N Thrilla Show – Nighty Night (Feat. Willz P)

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